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Marketing is an enigma; a form of art that makes everyone stop and ponder about the mysteries it holds. It makes you wonder and fantasize about a world that you dearly want to be a part of. For that brief instant, it gives us the chance to live our dreams, be it driving an exotic sports car, living in a luxurious mansion, or going on that world tour you’ve been planning for years now.

Marketing, design, event management, and good content combine to turn these dreams into reality and give you the opportunity to live and cherish them for that brief moment.

However, from a marketer’s or business perspective, these things combine to turn your organization into into someone’s dream and aspiration. This is what separates brands from all the rest. How can you do that? By realizing that your organization is a brand in itself, and understanding what your clients, your patrons expect of you. Meet your status quo and you’ll make a profit; meet their expectations, and you’ll earn their trust for life.

Marketing isn’t a calculated science. It isn’t precise, nor is it formal or structured. It is an art, much like an abstract painting that carries a different meaning for all those that look at it. Everyone draws their own conclusion. Your only objective should be to help your target market draw the conclusion that you want them to come to.

That, is the secret behind turning your business into a brand. This is the secret that every member of Team InteractivXtremz is injected with from the very start.

As team leader, I humbly welcome you to a brave new world of unconventional, unbridled marketing, and a whirlwind of creativity and extreme interactivity. I welcome you to InteractivXtremz.

Over the next few months, my team and I will be publishing more information about our ideology, our dogma of integrated, abstract marketing. We will also talk about emerging, global trends in the fields of marketing, content, events, and design, as well as sharing a bit about how we work.

InteractivXtremz isn’t your usual marketing or advertising agency.

We make dreams interactive!

Kashif Malim
Team Lead – InteractivXtremz

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